About counselling

What I offer you is a private space for your voice to be heard and a relationship in which you feel supported to open up about your difficulties. I endeavour to provide an environment which enables you to safely express your emotions, talk through your issues and cultivate shared reflection to make some sense of things.

Setting aside time to discuss your concerns confidentially may provide valuable time to process past or present experiences. Time to vent. Time to unwind. Time to reflect.

The process usually begins with an initial consultation, during which we can have a dialogue to identify the most appropriate starting point. We may begin with open exploration to give you some time to get a feel for the process and to get more comfortable opening up—something that can seem extremely daunting at the outset—or talk about areas of life where you feel stuck

During the experience, you may develop a stronger sense of self-awareness, perhaps evoking feelings of empowerment and liberation. Some clients find the process leads to improved choice-making, particularly in relationships with others. Others find they can better navigate transitions in life.

Together we can work toward you developing improved coping in the face of difficulty or anxiety-provoking situations.