Hello, my name is Clare Byers and I am a person-centred counsellor in independent practice. I provide support for individuals in a self-contained therapy room based in North Leigh, 3 miles from Witney, Oxfordshire. If you are considering counselling, whenever you feel ready, you may self-refer by getting in touch by phone, text or email. There is no waiting list and I will work with you to arrange a suitable appointment time that fits your availability. You can choose from face-to-face, phone or online sessions.

If you are in the midst of some type of difficulty or persistent feelings are causing distress, it’s good to consider talking therapy. Letting yourself be heard by a trained listener may be worth a try.

So I wonder what is happening in your life at the moment? Perhaps you are at a crossroads or experiencing prolonged anxiety, unhappiness or sadness? You may feel frequently stressed, burdened, or unsure of yourself. It may be that a particular life event, relationship, loss or change has left you feeling lonely, vulnerable, confused or disconnected from those around you.

Choose the option you prefer (phone, text or email) to begin that first point of contact that may seem daunting. Perhaps you can get in touch now?

Tuesday to Friday 10am – 5pm
Evenings: Tuesday and Thursday 5 – 8pm

Clare ByersAd Dip PC, Dip PC, Dip Hyp CS, MNCS (Accred)

Call/text 07391 721083 or
email [email protected]

Be aware emails occasionally get stuck in spam filters, so do check. I usually respond to new enquiries within one working day.

Regrettably I’m not trained to work with couples or children (under 16s).